Why, because they are so tasty, and microgreens contain about five times the amount of vitamins and carotenoids of a mature plant of the same type. They are high in chlorophyll and phytonutrients because unlike sprouts, microgreens are exposed to light until to maturity. This process of photosynthesis,  oxygenates and cleans the air in your home as they grow.

Best of all they’re tender, delicate and a flavourful source of soluble and insoluble fibre. Tasty fibre, yay!

People are hungry for nutrient dense food that hasn’t travelled around the world to their table, and microgreens are part of that niche market. These nutrient powerhouses are so local, they are likely growing in a home on your block.  Microgreens, are integral to your 50 metre diet and many other urban foodies.

Want to have a farm and still go on month long holidays? No problem, growing microgreens takes 2-3 weeks and just a little love and attention.  Microgreen crops are very flexible and require far less commitment than traditional food crops. Once germinated, microgreens will thrive in low light, probably similar conditions to the window in your kitchen.  In fact you could grow on a road trip in your van!


Children love them, as do parents. Why not connect with nature, and to each other through witnessing microgreens grow day by day. With minimal time, effort and previous knowledge about growing, a family can get their hands in the dirt and understand how nutritious food is made all year round. This is a great  way to get tiny picky eaters, loving leafy greens.

So, if you want to be healthy, have great poops, live in an oxygen rich environment, eat and support fresh and local food, experiment with farming and engage your loved ones. Get growing with microgreens!