There are many reasons that persuaded Xch’e’ and I to start Tasty Greens Neighbourhood Farms. We love the independence it affords us and it’s helping us cultivate a career that will one day be family friendly. Microgreens are a great fit for us because we love food and being healthy. Who wouldn’t want to have more freedom, be healthier and have a deeper connection to their food? Can I get amen?

Both he and I have worked seasonally tree planting across BC and in Ontario.  We aren’t intimidated by hard work or getting dirty. As much as we will miss life in the good o’le wilderness, we won’t miss being beat up by it.  We can still get dirty growing microgreens and plant another kind of seed, the tasty kind.

He and I want to raise a family that grows food and lives by the credo

This business was born out of dream, of making ourselves and others healthier while satisfying picky palates and food aficionados alike. Tasty Greens was boot strapped with plenty of sweat, dirt and home cooked meals. Which is great because there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you built something with your own hands, from nothing. Plant that seeds and watch it grow.

Xch’e’ and I grow microgreens because it truly makes us happy. Tending to trays of microgreen babies doesn’t feel like work to us. Operating Tasty Greens is a lifestyle and it fits with our values, ones that we want to share with you.