Grown with Organic Seeds

All of Tasty Greens microgreens are grown with organic seeds produced in Canada. As a company we are moving towards incorporating organic standards into our growing practices and in the future would like to become a certified organic company.

All our seeds are third party tested and certified pathogen free.

Delivered by Bicycle

Tasty Greens is excited about minimizing our carbon foot print. All produce is transported using pedal power. Our bicycles are retrofitted with trailers designed to keep your microgreens fresh and safe during their journey from the Tasty Ranch to you.

As Tasty Greens grows, we will be moving towards incorporating more LED technology to further reduce our energy consumption and construct outside-inside greenhouses to harness sun light. Our aim is to one day be carbon neutral.

Waste Reduction

We are focused on reducing waste by recycling our growing medium through vermiculture and composting. We have a deposit program with our clients to promote reusing seedling trays and our microgreens are hand watered minimizing water usage.

Tasty Greens is a local community minded neighbourhood farm. We pride ourselves on our transparent and modern approach to closed loop urban agriculture. We strive for customer satisfaction and provide affordable, accessible and delicious microgreens.

Tasty Greens headquarters is an east van character home on a popular bike path, which makes our 2 wheeled deliveries a breeze. We offer this punctual service by bicycle, because our aim is to be carbon neutral.

We recycle depleted soil, root mass and burlap via vermiculture and composting at our HQ. This creates nutrient dense soil to enrich future crops. Our Tasty Greens grow under ambient, led and florescent lights, in organic a medium and are grown from organic seed.

We stay connected to our customers and other microgreen enthusiasts through our youtube channel, social media platforms and email. We offer guidance on how to grow and provide education on the benefits of microgreens, as well as recipes and more.

Want to see us in action? checkout our Facebook, Instagram or Youtube channel for the latest microgreens information.

Stay tasty!

Co-Founders Xch'e' & Samantha


Xch’e’ is a Industrial Designer and entrepreneur. His practice focuses on re-engaging people with the natural environment through small interventions. Tasty Greens is a jumping off point to get individuals excited about connecting with their food and inspiring them to become more self reliant through small scale gardening.


Samantha is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with years of experience in the health industry. She is a proponent of healthful and mindful living. Her background and enthusiasm for wellness are a driving force at Tasty Greens, where she spear heads education and mentorship in the community, by spreading the benefits of a balanced lifestyle.